An introduction

Hello and thank you for visiting Lara Leon Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy/counselling can be a great source of relief and comfort and help us through the tough times.

Often we emerge calmer, more confident, more resilient and more peaceful, because having someone there who understands, listens and does not judge is very powerful and can result in change on a huge scale. I really believe that we all need someone to talk to from time to time.

What is psychotherapy / counselling?

It’s a therapeutic, professional relationship.  A relationship where you can feel safe, listened to and accepted.  For many, this is something never experienced before.

Our relationship will be based on empathic understanding.  This allows you to safely explore concerns, behaviours and feelings that you may not feel able to discuss with others.

Life can be challenging.  Things happen that we don’t plan for or expect and though we may aim for change, sometimes we feel stuck.  People often don’t understand us and we can become anxious, fed up or even depressed.

Other times we fulfil others’ expectations and we end up feeling trapped and resentful.  Before we know it our relationships suffer or our appetite changes, perhaps we can’t sleep, focus or concentrate, or might we feel hopeless and sad.  Our emotions affect us in lots of different ways.  If any of this sounds familiar,  I invite you to get in touch.  With my support and understanding, you can start to feel life is brighter.

I welcome short, medium or long term arrangements.  Fluent Spanish spoken.  Finally, please find information about my fees here.

Online psychotherapy

This year, I have been delighted to see that the therapeutic bond can be just as deep and meaningful online as in a physical room.  In fact colleagues and I have seen that there are in fact unexpected benefits and advantages to online psychotherapy, and reports from clients have supported this.  If you have any concerns or questions, please do contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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