5 reasons to fit in some alone time


Don’t be afraid to have alone time

There’s no denying it – here in the West are always turned on, plugged in and constantly connected. Via the laptop, phone, work schedule, family life – we feel the need to tweet, post, talk and photograph. But is this really what’s best for our well-being? Where has the art of being alone gone? Here are five reasons for you to schedule time in solitude:


1 – Solitude Recharges Your Batteries

We live in the fast-pace technological world of the 21st century.  We are constantly plugged in, over stimulated and over stressed. By taking time for yourself with no distractions, you give your electric body (yes indeed the body IS electric) the chance to recharge. Your brain desperately needs the break from the constant pulse of screens, phones, and wi-fi. Your body needs to be able to go back to that calm, archaic level of earthy relaxation.

2 – Solitude Increases Your Productivity

Solitude allows your mind to relax enough to improve concentration, focus and even increase productivity when you get back out there. Think of alone time as planned mini-breaks that give you renewed focus and a fresh sense of purpose.

3 – Solitude Allows You to Discover Yourself

When you’re constantly around others, you are easily influenced by their beliefs, thoughts and moods. Take time to be alone and discover what you want out of your life.

4 – Solitude Helps You Find Solutions

Alone time allows the quiet for you to think deeply about issues and to find positive and realistic solutions. You are better able to process challenges using not only emotion, but also logic and reason.

5 – Solitude Is the Ultimate Investment

Making time for solitude is making time for the ultimate investment – in yourself. Take time to get to know yourself, and allow yourself the opportunity to think deeply about your identity.  You will become a richer, more balanced person.