It’s Not In Your Head: Sleep Deprivation Makes Your Anxiety Worse

By Lara | October 31, 2021

Guest blog by Eric Kelly of My Dadventures If you have a mental health disorder like anxiety, ADHD, or depression, or you’re in a high-stress position at work (learn more about how stress affects managers here), you might think you feel worse after a night of poor sleep. The truth is that you probably do…

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“We don’t see you as adopted” and other misguided declarations of love

By Lara | October 21, 2021

“We don’t see you as adopted” and other misguided declarations of love. Why is saying this a problem? Surely this is a good thing, right? Surely this means that their love for the adoptee is boundless, unconditional? Equal to the love given to a biological child perhaps? But this statement can make an adopted person…

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Instinct Intuition Inner Voice 101 – their role in Happiness and Wellbeing

By Lara | October 6, 2021

How does instinct intuition inner voice affect our happiness? I have been thinking a lot recently about this, and more specifically the collision between our inner worlds and instincts or intuition and the outside world, with all its rules, expectation guidelines. I see how for many people, this collision creates a conflict in the way…

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Adoptee Attachment | Type D / Disorganised Attachment | Trauma | Dissociation | Adoption Parenting

By Lara | September 22, 2021

 Adoptee Attachment Following on from my research into well-being in adults adopted as infants, I have created this video which offers insight into how attachment styles are formed; the history of attachment theory (Bowlby, Ainsworth), the introduction of type D Attachment (Main & Solomon), and how in particular type D attachment often follows a traumatic…

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6 Important Considerations | Best Adoption Parenting Practices | Adoption Research

By Lara | August 1, 2021

Why research wellbeing, adoption and adoption parenting? My interest in wellbeing stems from my own struggles as an adoptee to live with wellbeing. I was adopted very soon after birth, in England in 1970. Back then there was very little education for prospective adopters and adoptive parents around how to parent a traumatised baby or…

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2 tools to re-frame low mood

By Lara | June 15, 2021

What tools are there to re-frame low mood? I have been thinking a lot recently about low mood. There are so many factors in life that contribute to mood, but when we feel ourselves dip, it can result in despair. For many, factors outside of our control can result in our feeling powerless and stuck,…

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Wellbeing with a candle | Wellbeing Candles for Mindful Moments

By Lara | March 15, 2021

Mindfulness or meditation for self care with wellbeing candles When I speak to clients about self care, I find that prioritising ourselves is increasingly difficult. We lead such busy lives and spend our days multi-tasking and juggling people’s needs. But what about our needs? Can aromatherapy wellbeing candles help? We speak with pride about how much we…

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Somebody I used to know | Wendy Mitchell | Dementia

By Lara | November 30, 2020

Somebody I used to know is a book about bravery, and about finding new meaning in dementia. Wendy Mitchell shares her journey into dementia with us. This is more than a moving, heart-wrenching story about the changes to life that dementia demands. It is a book that will educate and enlighten and one I believe…

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Running for anxiety | Running as a prescription for anxiety?

By Lara | August 9, 2020

How can running help anxiety? We’ve known for a while that exercising has a positive impact on our mental health (read more here). But what about running for anxiety? Gurung (2016) believes that maybe it ought to be prescribed. Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) is the most commonly identified common psychological disorder in the UK. Those that…

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8 things our children will wish we’d said

By Lara | July 12, 2020

Here are 8 things our children will wish we’d said to them Parenting in 2020 is vastly different to forty or fifty years ago.  These days we try to spend more quality time with our children (especially recently!) which is great for our relationships and for making memories.  We also try to make their lives as easy…

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