How to avoid emotional exhaustion

We live in a highly emotional, and highly charged world. It’s easy to please everyone else but ourselves. Here are a few tips on how to avoid emotional exhaustion, stay mentally healthy, and avoid the mental health pitfalls that inevitably ensue from emotional exhaustion, such as depression and anxiety.

avoid emotional exhaustion

Ask Yourself: What Drains Me?

Is there anything you do on a daily basis that quite simply sucks the life out of you? This is common for us all—some of us hate food shopping; others can’t stand to queue in the bank. It’s impossible to avoid draining tasks in life, but there is a way to combat that draining energy with revitalisation and replenishment. Become aware of these things and balance your day with something that excites you, when you know you have a few of those items on the to do list.

Practise Setting Appropriate Boundaries with Relationships

We have many different type of relationships in life, and there are many different types of boundaries that need to go with them. Whether you’re with a co-worker, boss, friend, or partner, make sure you set appropriate emotional boundaries for each one. You need time for you. You need the mental space and emotional space to keep yourself nourished on mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Stay Yourself

It’s one thing to be yourself when you’re in different environments. It’s another to be that person despite the social changes that can occur in any given situation. Don’t be afraid to not only be yourself, but stay yourself, even when it doesn’t seem to go with the flow of those around you.

Reconsider Toxic Relationships

It’s easy to hang onto relationships even if they aren’t healthy for us. But you don’t need to be the shoulder for every person to cry on. You can select special people in your life for special relationship privileges. Be aware of any toxic relationships and know you can alter their status at any time.