If you are responsible for caring for someone else, there are a host of considerations and issues that you may have to face every day.  Aside from the sheer exhaustion of being someone's carer, you may find that you feel isolated or lonely with no time to give to yourself.  With little opportunity for respite you might find that you're running on empty, both physically and emotionally.  You may feel that there are very few people that understand what it's like to be someone else's carer.  You might be trying to hold down a job or study, plus keeping the household in order including shopping and cleaning.  Feelings of guilt might be bothering you, or a sense of loss about a life that didn't unfold as you expected.

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Counselling for Carers

You might have financial worries on top of everything else, and wonder how you could ever carve out some vital time for yourself with the long list of responsibilities that you have.   We all have to care for ourselves too - but that may seem like an impossibility.   A very important first step is to find someone to talk to.  Counselling can do wonders if you feel that your thoughts are crowding you.  Perhaps you feel guilty for wishing you could focus on yourself for just a little time each week, but together we can work through this and give you some emotional freedom.  Relief is possible and talking does just that.