Here are some of my clients’ recent testimonials

“I have found it so helpful, and my confidence has grown through working out how to deal with my emotions.  It’s been good talking to someone apart from my family or friends.  Thank you” (BR – May 2018)

“Talking helps a lot more than I thought it would.  Talking about past and present feelings released trapped emotions” (WP – April 2018)

“Having someone to talk to other than friends and family was most helpful” (LH – March 2018)

“Being able to look at things in a different way was very useful”. (RS – March 2018)

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your support, it really did make so much difference to my spiralling life.” (Anon – February 2018)

“I searched in vain for years for the right support, and eventually found it in you.  Thank you.” (Anon – February 2018)

“Talking enabled us to find solutions to how I felt.  This has been an invaluable help to me.” (SB – February 2018)

“It was very helpful to me to be able to express my thoughts and emotions.” (LW – January 2018)

“I really enjoyed the sessions, it was good to be listened to.” (BS – December 2017)

“Lara’s empathy was most useful, and helped me to understand myself.” (PG – December 2017)

“What was most useful was that there was a good mix of Lara’s listening, but also her facilitating discussion.” (MR – November 2017)

“I benefited greatly from the guidance and felt empowered to put challenging boundaries in place.” (Anon – October 2017)

“Talking about the problem and then making a plan to tackle it really helped me.  Lara was a very helpful and calming influence.” (HM –  October 2017)

“Speaking about what has been troubling was really helpful.  It helped me figure out what I want and need.” (Anon – August 2017)

“Thank you for everything.  For sharing your knowledge, for caring about me and for just being there when I needed you.” (Anon – June 2017)