How to free yourself from your insecurities

insecuritiesInsecurity is talked about at length in our teenage years, by teachers, parents and other adults. But why isn’t it talked about in our adult years with the same openness?  As adults we tend to do everything we can to hide our insecurities. But this very act is what hinders us from being free from insecurity’s tight grip our actions and lives.


Get To Know Your Insecurities

The first step to conquering insecurity is getting to know your own. You can start by asking yourself a few questions: 1. What is it about myself that makes me feel “not good enough”?

  1. What is it about myself that makes me feel inadequate, or devalued compared to my peers.
  2. What is it about myself that makes me feel ostracized from my partner, friends, colleagues or relatives?

Expose Your Insecurities

Once you’ve taken time to really ask yourself these questions, start to show your insecurities the light of day. You can do this by catching negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive thought patterns that more accurately represent reality. Instead of “I’m not good enough.” You can say, “It may be hard for me to do this, but I know I can.”

You see, suppressing insecurity takes energy—mental, emotional, even physical. We suppress because it is in our nature to run from that is difficult, or painful. Insecurity isn’t a fun emotion to experience. It’s tough and ugly. But anything dark can be conquered with light. The more you expose insecurity, the less power it has.