Stillness is the Key – Ryan Holiday

By Lara | April 19, 2020

Read this book to understand the importance of downtime, mindfulness, stillness and meditation. Stillness IS the key. In a fast-paced world, where we are so focussed on doing more and more, working longer and longer, finding time to bring stillness into our minds is crucial. Multi-tasking is often prized, but it is the exact opposite…

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Coronavirus and how to survive lockdown – back to basics

By Lara | April 5, 2020

How to survive the lockdown restrictions If you’re not one of the many who are feeling somewhat ‘calmer’ now that you don’t have to face your fears by going out into the world, then this post is for you. Let’s go back to basics. We are hearing unprecedented use of the word unprecedented – but…

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Mum and dad, I know you’re divorced but please stop arguing!

By Lara | March 1, 2020

Your children will scream internally: “mum and dad, please stop arguing” Divorce or separation is usually difficult. Reaching this point in a relationship, making this decision, is never to be taken lightly. More especially when there are children involved, but if it feels as though the relationship has come to completion, it may be inevitable.…

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You’re an adult but your parent makes you feel like a child

By Lara | February 11, 2020

Does your parent make you feel like a child? I remember very clearly one session during my training years ago. Our tutor was speaking to us about the power of the parent. You know – when you’re an adult but your parent still makes you feel like a child? My tutor cited the example of…

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The Importance of Identity

By Lara | February 1, 2020

Identity affects us all – especially when we don’t know our roots. I get the sense that few people think about their identity explicitly. Instead, it operates silently in their lives. Silently but continuously. So I think it crucial that we understand the importance of identity. What is identity then? We are so multi-faceted as human…

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What we seek in life

By Lara | January 19, 2020

What do we seek in life? Some seek peace.  Some seek happiness.  Do those that seek happiness through material gain or consumption have inner peace?  Of course, some do and others don’t.  Arguably though, true happiness is nigh on impossible to achieve unless there is a degree of inner peace.  It’s not the stuff we collect that brings us happiness,…

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Anxiety ii

By Lara | January 8, 2020

Managing Anxiety – Part 2 Anxious thoughts Some people experience anxious thoughts – this is very common.  I think we all do to some extent, but for some people these thoughts keep them so fearful that they’re not really living their lives.  As with most things to do with mental health, we should face these things, not…

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Anxiety (i)

By Lara | January 5, 2020

This is the first in a two-part post on anxiety.  In this first part I explain the role of anxiety, and what happens. Our language Firstly, I believe that the word anxiety (rather like the terms ‘depression’, ‘OCD’, ‘abuse’ and ‘bullying’) should be used in their proper context and not as part of the throwaway language…

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By Lara | December 29, 2019

Why do we need to embrace vulnerability? Vulnerability, like most things is on a continuum.  At one end, there are those of us that completely shy away from being vulnerable, and at the other end, those that are naively too vulnerable.  This most often plays out in our personal relationships with partners, family and friends but can…

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What is mindfulness again?

By Lara | December 22, 2019

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is talked about a lot at these days.  They are using it in schools with pupils to help them focus, and it’s often associated with meditation.  But many of us don’t know what it is, and those that do may have seen books and courses on how to be mindful and feel put…

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