Overwhelm – we all experience it!



People talk about feeling overwhelmed all the time. We have so much on our plates. I understand the importance of balance, and strive every week to achieve it for myself, but I think we all succumb to overwhelm some of the time. The trick is to break the problem down into component parts. Overwhelm!!

Right now I feel a little overwhelmed because I have a ton of coursework to get through and no idea how I’m going to shoehorn it into my week. So.. I know that I need to tell myself what I know to be true – break this problem down.

By when does it need to be done? How much time can I give to this problem each day? Little and often should do the trick. When we think of our lives and the things we need to achieve we tend to look at the required end result and think “I can’t do that” rather than the process required to get there. Set the goal and work backwards.

I talk about goal setting in one of my posts, so I can easily apply that theory to this problem but I have to remind myself to do so. Remember, we are all just doing the best we can and I try and apply that narrative to myself too.

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