My Two Fathers

I wrote this for an anthology which focuses on father-daughter relationships. The book captures eighteen different father-daughter relationships through the eyes and lived experiences of new and diverse female writers - the daughters. This is a wonderful project which aims to highlight the importance of this often underrated relationship. The book will be published by University of Georgia Press in 2022. How exciting!

I am your daughter

How to be Adopted is a wonderful site that raises awareness about some of the issues experienced by adoptees. Many of the accounts debunk long-held myths about adoption.

My contribution is a piece written about the day I discovered the identity of my own biological father.

How to be Adopted

I am your daughter


9 Ways to live well and increase wellbeing

This piece summarises the main things to think about in order to achieve wellbeing in our lives. Life these days is fast-paced and full of stress (and that's without Covid-19!) and if we fail to achieve balance, burnout and anxiety is inevitable.

The Humble Penny

9 ways to live well and increase wellbeing

Lara Leon publications

What we know about well-being and adoptees

This book summarises the findings from my research into well-being in adult adoptees. It highlights some of the issues faced by this group, and offers a "model" of adoption which ensures that babies and infants are given the best chances of achieving well-being as they grow and develop into adults. Research shows that adults who were adopted as babies/infants are disadvantaged (in terms of achieving well-being) in many aspects of their lives. The model helps prospective adoptive parents to be prepared for possible challenges and to better understand how to support their adopted children.

This book will be going to print in 2022.


My own personal memoir is in draft form! It's been a long time coming and it's taken me a few years to get to this stage. So much to do and so little time!

It's my own personal form of therapeutic writing. Life-writing is very very therapeutic. It helps me see my own patterns, coping mechanisms and challenges!