"Lara was recommended to me at a time when I found it hard to see the positives in anything. I thought everything I did was wrong and found it impossible to relax. I was wary at first but Lara was instantly easy to talk to and helped me process and redefine relationships in my life. Through talking to Lara I got closure and began to accept myself and others for who they are. I learnt how to talk and process my emotions. She helped me build my resilience and find myself again. Thank you so much." (LB - April 2021)

"Therapy with Lara had a profound effect on my life. Lara’s kind and considered approach gave me the freedom to explore and heal the depths of my inner child to my adult self. Lara has kindness, patience and wisdom that enabled me to really feel heard and seen. I am so grateful for this journey, it’s led me to confidently know and love my authentic self." (VK - Nov 2021)

“My therapy sessions have been such a positive experience and have helped me move forward with my life. The support and guidance I have received through a difficult time was professional but also caring and kind, I couldn’t have got to where I am now without Lara... thank you so much” (AS - March 2021)

"I started working with Lara after multiple factors within my personal and professional life had become all too much and I was at breaking point. Lara was the calm within my storm who helped me work through my stress and anxieties. She empowered me to work through each aspect of my issues and guided me with different strategies and coping mechanisms.It’s not until I look back that I realise what a dark place I was in. I will forever be grateful to Lara for everything she has taught me and for pulling me out of the worst time of my life. I now have a new perspective on life thanks to my sessions and feel I have a more positive outlook." (LD - January 2021)

"I found the cross between counselling, CBT and life coaching to be a very successful mix. The sessions were like a breath of fresh air and allowed me to fully express my thoughts and feelings. Sessions are very much a two way discussion with Lara providing helpful insights along the way. I really felt I could talk over my issues and came out of each session feeling some pressure lifted, a new sense of purpose and achievable goals to work towards. I felt I was listened too but more importantly understood. There was a sense that Lara has real pride in her work and a genuine interest to make a difference. I ended up sessions feeling in touch with myself and a sense of inner peace that I had spent my entire adult life missing. I would highly recommend." (DM - December 2020)

"I had the pleasure of having sessions with Lara for just over a year. Lara helped me with many aspects of my life, in fact she overall changed it for the better. Lara supported me to deal with years of childhood trauma, family bereavement and dealing with life stresses. Lara supported me to build on my own resilience which made me feel empowered to deal with life and move on to my future. I feel like a more grounded person who has been able to start healing, and just generally have a better quality of life. Lara has also introduced inner child therapy to me which has been a huge part of my healing and something I continue to work on through the guidance from Lara. Lara works in a way that is non-judgemental and empowers the client to build on their own resilience." (RS - October 2020)

"Thank you for this fantastic experience. I was very nervous taking the step to try counselling, especially as English is not my first language. I felt a connection to you straight away as you made it so easy for me to relax and express myself. During the 6 months we worked together I saw myself growing in so many facets of my life. I always thought “someone needs to help me sort out all these boxes in my attic" (my head) but looking back it was more learning to nurture myself with all these wonderful tools you showed me. It was right there! Already a part of me, I just struggled to see it.  I count myself very lucky that I found you just before lockdown, it made it all so much more bearable.  Like a warm blanket on a stormy day.  I would definitely return for future sessions. Highly recommended." (VB - September 2020)

"I came across Lara through a recommendation at an awkward time in my life.  I was unsure of decisions to make and how to move forward. I clicked with Lara almost straight away and found her very easy to open up to and discuss not just my life but digging further into my past to understand how my life had shaped me to be the person I am now. Lara helped me understand myself in a way that I didn’t know was possible, understanding what matters to me and how I cope with various situations in my life. This understanding enabled me to make clear decisions and be more confident to be the real me. The things I learnt through my sessions with Lara will guide me through the rest of my life" (ME - August 2020)


"Thank you for all you did to support & help me through a deeply troubled time. I was broken contemplating suicide & self harm. Through my sessions I got a better understanding of who I am, I became stronger in myself & instead of looking at things from a negative perspective you taught me how to think positively, to act positively & most importantly, believe in myself.  I will never be able to thank you enough for all you did to help & support me through what was one of the most upsetting & traumatic periods of my life. I now feel a new zest for life & most importantly, feel happy with who I am as a person.  Thank you for turning my life around, I couldn't have done it without your support" (IC - August 2020)

"Working with Lara has been so helpful to improving my mental health. I was struggling with grief and anxiety which was impacting work and functioning. Lara made me comfortably to talk about my difficulties. She helped me to understand a lot of things I otherwise would have struggled with and did so in a compassionate manner. Thank you so much Lara for your support and guidance. You’ve helped me so much." (MS - July 2020)

"Throughout my sessions I found Lara to be kind and understanding. Thank you for all your support" (anon. - June 2020)

"After years of poor sleeping and troubling dreams I have finally been able to overcome them thanks to Lara’s sessions. She is kind, easy to talk to and a great therapist" (DB - May 2020)

"I found the sessions really useful and a great help. Lara helped me to keep things in perspective and also encouraged me to display feelings and emotions that I have been unable to display before. It was great that I could be so open with Lara and nothing seemed too difficult.  She helped me through an extremely difficult time and I will be forever grateful." (SN - April 2020)

"I have found Lara to be a very understanding, gentle and friendly person.  I had been carrying a lot of deep anxieties for most of m life and I am now 75.  I have found a lot of release and I feel I can now move forward a much lighter person" (BV - March 2020)

"It's really helped get things off my chest. I have addressed things that I didn't realise were affecting me emotionally and I know how to deal with this in the future" (AM - Jan 2020)

and many more

"Very understanding and easy to talk to - clearly very experienced and helpful in my first experience of therapy" (MD - Dec 2019)

"It's been helpful to have a place to air my thoughts safely, with questions and challenge where needed" (NL - Dec 2019)

"Easy to talk to, calming" (NN - Nov 2019)

"Very good at sorting through my many options" (CK - Nov 2019)

"The experience was better than I could have imagined" (CS - Oct 2019)

"Very easy to open up to, made me feel very 'normal' and helped initiate change in a way that was most suited to me" (PL - Sept 2019)

"Informative and eye-opening, a learning curve and very educational" (CH - July 2019)

"Constructive, positive, always approachable" (PC - July 2019)

"Having a safe place to explore a lot of issues has helped me massively.  I trusted you and felt able to explore everything" (FJ - July 2019)

"I have been pleased with the therapy and have enjoyed the sessions which have made me think differently" (DD - June 2019)

"Useful and helpful.  Before I was scared of day to day life and activities, and now I see the positives and how I can be meaningful to the world and others around me" (AH - May 2019)

"Found it extremely helpful to give me insight into my though processes and strategies to remedy my feelings.  Gave me the ability to realise it's OK not to be OK" (KB - March 2019)

"It has helped me see things clearer.  I feel stronger" (SG - March 2019)

"You have empowered me to care more about myself and how to focus on what and who is important and how to deal with difficult situations - "BOUNDARIES" (CO - March 2019)

"Very good at asking the pertinent questions and allowing me to answer them for myself rather than telling me the answers" (JP - February 2019)

“Very positive experience which has allowed me to identify patterns in my own behaviour and address these and give myself permission to relax” (EC – December 2018)

It has been really helpful in understanding self and how to handle current situation” (MT – December 2018)

The therapy was enlightening and reflective and helped to put life into context” (MSO – December 2018)

Amazing and touching experience!  I felt understood and carried, my feelings and experienced valued” (CM – December 2018)

I feel more confident about expressing my own opinions” (TJ – December 2018)

“I have found the therapy extremely beneficial and it has helped me get to a place where I feel I can be content and in control of my life.  I am now able to put myself first when I was never able to before” (CJ – October 2018)

“It’s the first time I have had counselling and it has helped me so much.  This has been so good for me to talk to somebody.” (KW – September 2018)

“Very positive, untangled the issues brilliantly.  Calming and empowering.  I definitely couldn’t have worked through this alone – thank you!” (BL – September 2018)

“Feel empowered and I see things more clearly” (LR – September 2018)

“No adequate words to express my gratitude” (JH – August 2018)

“I have found it helpful, given perspective, helped me relax within myself” (NS – August 2018)

“I’ve learnt many techniques which have have helped massively.  I often liked being told my feelings were natural and being told what I already knew (but I ignored myself).  Amazing help!” (EC – August 2018)

“The whole experience has been money well spent and will hopefully have a lasting beneficial effect” (JW – August 2018)

“I’m very grateful that you were friendly, approachable and put me at ease.  I like the way we had set goals as this gave the process structure.  I like how you gave me something to think about before the next session as that allowed me to further engage in the process outside of meetings.  You were able to remember everything that was important to me which really gave me faith in you as I knew you were listening and understanding.  Having had counselling with you, my life is now undoubtedly better.  I’m truly very thankful” (ML – June 2018)

“I have found it so helpful, and my confidence has grown through working out how to deal with my emotions.  It’s been good talking to someone apart from my family or friends.  Thank you” (BR – May 2018)

“Talking helps a lot more than I thought it would.  Talking about past and present feelings released trapped emotions” (WP – April 2018)

“Being able to look at things in a different way was very useful”. (RS – March 2018)

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your support, it really did make so much difference to my spiralling life.” (Anon – February 2018)

“I searched in vain for years for the right support, and eventually found it in you.  Thank you.” (Anon – February 2018)