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Mindfulness or meditation for self care with wellbeing candles

When I speak to clients about self care, I find that prioritising ourselves is increasingly difficult. We lead such busy lives and spend our days multi-tasking and juggling people’s needs. But what about our needs? Can aromatherapy wellbeing candles help?

We speak with pride about how much we do, of how many things we can handle. And then one day, we wake up and wonder why we feel so fed up, exhausted, anxious and even burnt out.

Often, we need tools to help us become accountable.

It’s about balance

Being busy is good, being active is great, but so is being still. Finding some time each day to just check in with ourselves.

So we realise the importance of this, or our counsellor or therapist tells us about it (and deep down we already know it) and we think “yes, I need to do that”. So we start out with great intentions. We prioritise ourselves for a week or so but soon we fall back into old habits.

What I have found is that if we have a visual reminder, we are more likely to continue with our new behaviour (until it becomes habit). So I wanted to create such a reminder.

A beautiful candle that look gorgeous in your home, but also carries out the really important function of making you more accountable to yourself. Of reminding you each and every day of the need to prioritise your wellbeing.

So Mindful Flame was born!

Hand poured at home, these soy wax, aromatherapy candles are gently scented with complementary aromatherapy blends to increase your wellbeing.

And they are themed with really important messages. One each month if you subscribe to make sure your self-care routine is taken care of all year round.

Light your candle and connect with yourself. Perhaps practise mindfulness, meditation or journaling.

So go and have a look at the range. Light your candle and spend some mindful moments.

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