Wellbeing is at the very core of all I believe, practise and feel passionately about. I have never met a person who didn't seek wellbeing, it's a universal human need and this was borne out in my wellbeing research.

There are wellbeing routines which ground, balance and calm us. Routines that help us move forward, leave behind the past, discover who we truly are (and who we are not) and most importantly help us live with inner peace.

I believe there are four elements to wellbeing practice, and I mention them below. These four elements need to be in tune in order to live with wellbeing. Through daily reflection, thinking about how you are living your life and treating your mind and body, you can move towards a greater understanding of yourself and in turn enhanced wellbeing.

I talk more about these aspects here

The heart

Way of Being

The body

The mind

One of the main components of a wellbeing routine, and which benefits all of the elements above, including the body if you practise breath work, is a daily mindfulness or meditative practice, along with journaling.

I speak to clients very often about their self care routines and discover that for many it's thought of as self-indulgent or not needed. It is needed, and it's needed daily. We cannot address issues that are holding us back if we don't reflect on them.

For this reason, and as a supportive (but beautiful!) tool for wellbeing practice, I created a visual reminder of the need to take time out each day. My range of soy wax, paraffin-free wellbeing candles with essential oils, are there to remind you to prioritise yourself.

The range is available at Mindful Flame Wellbeing Candles (shipping UK only at the present time).

You can read all about it here too.