What we seek in life

what we seek

What do we seek in life?

Some seek peace.  Some seek happiness.  Do those that seek happiness through material gain or consumption have inner peace?  Of course, some do and others don’t.  Arguably though, true happiness is nigh on impossible to achieve unless there is a degree of inner peace.  It’s not the stuff we collect that brings us happiness, though many blindly follow this path only to find this out later on.

In a session today, my client, like the greatest thinkers since the beginning of time, was questioning the point of it all.  She pondered on the notion that we are in fact, insignificant.  “What is the point of life?”, she mused.

My client isn’t depressed, she is curious.  Should we not be curious?  And yet this curiosity may leave behind an enduring disquiet.  Introspection and reflection leave more questions than answers.

My response is always this: “Yes, we are small.  We are insignificant in the great scheme of things.  But we can and do impact the lives of others.  Therefore, we matter.”  People find purpose in their lives, and their purpose may positively impact both themselves and those who come into contact with them.  And purpose may bring peace.  Big change can only happen through small but consistent effort.  Social change can only happen as a result of many individuals speaking their truths, speaking up.  So we must find a way to find our purpose, to make our lives count.

As Rich Roll says:

too many go to their grave with their song still in their heart

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