February 2023 News and Updates


Hi everyone

It’s been a while since my last email. I hope you’re all doing OK – I am personally very much looking forward to Spring. The dark winter months can wreak havoc with our mental health so it’s really important to keep those self-care routines going through the dark, cold months. The above photograph is one I took on my morning walk last week which is something I try to do most days. Walking and fresh air is vital for our well-being.


There are some exciting developments taking place here in the UK relating to adoptees and access to psychological therapies. As you will know if you follow my YouTube channel, research has shown that adoptees struggle with various aspects of adjustment and yet this is only now being recognised. There is a long-awaited consultation taking place right now which, upon its conclusion will mean that adoptees will have much needed easier access to therapeutic intervention. Thanks to Gilli (my colleague, counsellor and adoptee) for all her efforts on this front.

On that subject, Gilli and I will be doing a podcast for BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) highlighting our individual research findings and raising awareness for members of the BACP because within months, they will very likely be inundated by adoptees with requests for therapy. Many counsellors, much like the average person, have absolutely no idea about the struggles of adoptees. Gilli and I are also in discussion with CPCAB (Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body – essentially those that grade trainee counsellors’ exams) with a view to writing training modules related to the needs of adoptees. A busy year ahead!


View from Nab Cottage - 9-11 June 2023


The above photo is of the stunning view from Nab Cottage which is the location of our first retreat this year. Nab Cottage is in Grasmere in the beautiful Lake District.

Our weekend (9-11 June 2023) will include some relaxing activities and informative and therapeutic input that will generate insights…and possibly some emotions. 

Our intention is to offer some warm connecting and laughter too so that we can come away feeling a bit lighter, with new ideas on how to be happier and more peaceful adoptees. We have just a couple of spaces left on this weekend, so if you’d like some more information, please contact me on hello@lara-leon.com.

We are also planning a retreat in the Midlands in November 2023 which we plan to run along similar lines, so if you’d like to be kept up to date about developments for that, please email me on the same email address and I can add you to the mailing list.

Thank you for all your support on the YouTube channel and for the many emails I get each week which show me that this information is much needed. It makes it all worthwhile. For those looking for therapeutic intervention related to adoption (any party affected by adoption), please follow this link which gives details of ‘adoption competent’ therapists here in the UK. I know many of you are overseas, but most of the people on this list work via Zoom.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read to the end of this email. If you feel that this content is not relevant to you, please unsubscribe below.

With warm wishes, Lara x 


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