Ground Rules for Living Well

ground rules for living well

Some ground rules for living well

When clients come to see me and describe how they are feeling, whether they are attempting to deal with some temporarily difficult situation, or a more permanent issue, the very first thing that I look at with them is the balance that they have in their lives. The first conversation is about general rules for living well.

We know that those with the greatest sense of wellbeing have achieved balance.  It’s a difficult reality for many that achieving this seems nigh on impossible with all sorts of demands on their time. But left unaddressed this almost always results in burnout, anxiety, panic, low mood and or physical manifestations of the above.

Many also report feeling a sense of ‘guilt’ at prioritising themselves, as though everyone else is more important.  I’m not saying that others are less important, but I am saying that YOU are AS important, yet most rarely treat themselves as though they are.

We may have been taught that putting others first is the right thing to do, but I challenge this narrative.  Many of us have to care for others, but we also have to care for ourselves.  Unless we do this, we will be useless both to others and ourselves.  Not only that, the potential for resentment in addition to the previously mentioned problems is rife.  Try and make sure that you set aside some time each week JUST FOR YOU!

Lose the guilt and explain to your loved ones that this is not a selfish act – it’s a requirement for good mental health and wellbeing.  In my next post I will consider the components of a balanced life.

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