The Choice (Edith Eger)

the choice

When you feel trapped, read on.

A must-read for everyone (but especially those struggling with loss, grief and trauma). The Choice is Edith Eger’s remarkable story of not only surviving Auschwitz, but going on to overcome denial and eventually find healing. It is nothing short of inspirational.

The biggest prison is in your own mind. And in your pocket you already hold the key.

Eger (2017)

Eger’s account of her life is a captivating story of pain, suffering, loss and ultimately triumph. Her descriptions of daily life in the camp of Auschwitz are nothing short of shocking to the contemporary reader. Eger lost her childhood, her innocence and her hope as a result of the sufferings she endured.

Later, after she had been rescued and had emigrated to North America, and inspired by Victor Frankl, another Auschwitz survivor (and founder of logotherapy) she began the long process of healing. This involved allowing herself to finally feel her grief and pain which allowed for the rebuilding of her life to take place through acknowledgement of the dreadful events she had witnessed and endured and to exercise her own choice. The Choice we all have to make.

Eger went on to become a psychotherapist in North America and was able to help others find the courage to navigate their own grief and pain, and ultimately heal.

I thoroughly recommend this book and especially when life seems bleak.

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